Thursday, October 20, 2011

Walking Dead Season 1

I thought the first season of Walking Dead was pretty dang cool.  The zombies are vicious and the effects are top notch.  Good characters and a fun ride. You gotta have this dvd set in your collection!! You know you want it!  Click here: Buy Walking Dead (season one) at Amazon.  Peace.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Cool Baxa Merchandise

I've been creating lotsa cool products on Cafe Press.  There are so many excellent products available, that it's irresistable to make a bunch.  Be the first to own a creepy zombified Santa ornament, or a great skull magnet - Just in time for Halloween.  Check the store often, because I'm constantly adding new stuff.

I've orders some of the products to check them out, and they are pretty awesome.  The ornaments are computer "painted" and then glazed and fired, so they are a solid ceramic disc.  Very nice.  And they come with a red ribbon to hang them on your tree.  The magnets are primo as well: metal with nice
printing and gloss lamination. 

The product quality seems quite good overall from the items I've seen.  Shipping was quick and the items are well packed.  So go order something :) and report back to me.

Oh yeah, you can scroll through some of the products on the Cafe Press widget over there on the right.
Signing off - Tom