Monday, October 7, 2013

MonsterPalooza - New Art for the Show

This weekend is Son of MonsterPalooza, a fantastic monster con in Burbank, CA, the town where many of the special effects make-up houses resides here in the greater Los Angeles area.  MonsterPalooza is held twice a year and I walked the show for the first time in March and had a blast, so I decided to sign up and get a table to show my artwork.  Check out the artwork below!!


I’m actually quite excited about this show.  Here’s why…these are my peeps!  I’ve been doing dark fantasy art for a long time, with an emphasis on dark.  I love the gruesome stuff and the gritty underbelly of the human psyche.  Is it any surprise I love a good monster movie?

I must admit, I’m not a huge horror groupie, because a lot of “horror” movies just aren’t all that great.  Most horror films, especially slasher films, and the now popular, torture horror has very little going on in the story department.  There are some classics though and some really good movies out there as well.
Like so many of us, I grew up watching the Universal monster movies and loved every minute, so I have a soft spot in my heart for them.  I have a great book that I spent my youth pouring over all the great inventive make-ups and creature designs from the classic horror movies.  It’s called A Pictorial History of Horror Movies by Denis Gifford and you can get copies at Amazon.  It covers from Chaney and the silent era, Universal, to Hammer and is loaded with (b+w) photos.  It’s a fun book and was a huge influence for me during my formative years as an artist.

New Paintings:

With Halloween around the corner and Monsterpalooza this weekend, I decided to get in the spirit and do some new paintings for the show.  If you don’t live in the Los Angeles area and can’t make the show, you can check out the paintings at my website  The originals are currently listed for sale, but I’m taking them to the show this weekend, so they’ll likely be gone by Monday.  But you can always buy prints too: .  Here’s the new paintings for your viewing pleasure !

Show Details:
I hope you can make it out to the show.  My booth is number 98 in the main dealer's room.  The show hours are Friday Oct. 11, 2013: 6pm-11pm; Sat Oct. 12, 2013: 11-6pm; Sun. Oct. 13, 2013: 11-6pm.  You can get more details at:
My Set Up
Here's basically what my set up will look like and all the cool stuff I'll have for sale.  And yes, those are REAL animal skulls I'll have for sale!!  See you there!  Tom 

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