Monday, November 21, 2011

The Wonderful World of DisneyCraft

I recently did a commission for a friend and he came up with this fun idea and an awesome title: The Wonderful World of DisneyCraft.  You see he worked for Disney and always had a fondness for the characters and also loves Warcraft - so why not blend the best of both worlds!  I even hand painted the logo for him.  It's a little goofy (ha!) compared to my usual stuff, but fun nonetheless.  Here's the finished painting:

Here's the pencil sketch and the color comps.  For this painting I did a quick color comp in photoshop to get the general colors figured out.  And I often print out a small version of the sketch and test my oil colors on it as I mix them on my palette.

If you're interested in having me do a commissioned painting for you, check out my page on Private Commissions