Thursday, February 21, 2013

Quori Spy Dragon Magazine #412

Last year I did a couple illos for Dragon Magazine, and I thought I’d share this one – The Quori Spy!  I painted this one digitally in Photoshop, and still did a lot of stroke for stroke painting to build form. 
Art description: This illo depicts a lightly armored male human fighter facing the viewer with sword drawn.  He has the Dragonmark of Sentinel visible somewhere on his skin.  He also has a stylized chimera visible on his armor.  A spectral image of a Tsucora Quori hangs over him, facing the reader in an aggressive pose.  The goal is to suggest that the human is possessed by the quori spirit.


I didn’t design the quori, but it was a pretty cool creature to draw.  I had a lot of fun working the translucency and used lighter tones to emphasized his face.  The Dragonmark of Sentinel is blue-purple in color, so that’s the color I made the mark on his chest, and the quori spirit.
Hope you dig it