Wednesday, April 30, 2014

BAXA at GP Minneapolis - Official Playmat

Midwesterners Unite!  Anyone going out to the Magic: The Gathering Grand Prix Minneapolis, Minnesota?  I’ll be there Friday May 9th – Sunday May 11th signing cards and showing my art.  I’m originally from the Chicago area, but I’ve never been to Minnesota, so I’m looking forward to it!

The event has extensive hours, but I’ll be signing Friday: 4 pm - 8pm; Saturday: 10 am - 8pm and Sunday: 10 am - 6pm.  The Wizards of the Coast website lists all the cards artists have done, so you can check my list Baxa Magic Cards and pull some cards for me to sign for you!

The event is put on by Legion Events and you can get all the details at their website: .  There’s even a little interview of yours truly.

Timber Werewolf Playmat

I did the art for the event’s official playmat.  The first 750 players that register get one free!  Legion Events wanted me to incorporate something about the event location in the theme of the painting and I put a call out to my Facebook friends to get some ideas.  Got a lot of wacky ones, I must say.  Vikings (their football team) had already been done (drat). 

Wolves came up a lot, so I thought of doing a timber wolf werewolf and an American Indian feeling shaman.  Had to have lotsa trees and of course, a big lake!  Here’s the sketch, color comp and finished painting.

For those of you who can’t make the event, I have prints for sale of the Timber Werewolf painting on my Playmats+ Prints page .
See you at the event!  Tom

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  1. hey thomas i have a amateur band and im searching for a logo, can i make a logo with the head of the wolf of this picture? i can post ur blog in my facebook page if u acept