Monday, November 10, 2014

BAXA creates art for Sigantium Kickstarter

Sigantium Campaign Setting - Kickstarter
I’m excited to announce that I’m contributing some art to a brand new campaign setting for D&D and Pathfinder.  The core product is a hardcover tome featuring new classes, races, feats, magic, creatures, demons and more!  Plus there is many cool reward tiers in the Kickstarter campaign.  Derek and the team have come up with some really great stuff. Sigantium Kickstarter Page

You create a Demon, Baxa paints it
There is a special BAXA rewards tier in the KS campaign where you get to design a Demon for the world and we will work together to create a full color illustration of your demon that will go in the game book complete with stat by the game designers!!!!

The Sigantium creators ran a contest like this pre-launch.  Here’s the description and the Demon I painted.  You can have your demon come to life too!! [ Note: For some reason Chrome and Firefox render this illo super dark.  Please view in Internet Explorer or Safari ]

Nix-Grokaar Description:
Once a lower lieutenant to a more powerful demon, Nix-Grokaar, the Violate Wind, rose to his current rank after his master was destroyed during the last angelic crusade. He is a violent demon of thunder, sky monsters, and physical lust. He despises mortal affection and has crafted several cursed items designed to doom those in love.  He appears as a ten-foot-tall, bald, jet-black humanoid with large, ram-like horns, and serpentine eyes too bright to directly look at.   Two sets of peacock-colored, oily avian wings line his back, flanking a spine of jagged, protruding spurs. His canine teeth are bone-white, as is his saliva free tongue and mouth.  While he has the hands of a human, his feet are the three-toed claws of a hawk.  He wears a skirt of bird skulls and his favorite weapon, Shrike-scar, is a scourge fashioned from the vertebrae and talons of celestial eagles and rocs. -- Robert Gresham, Portland Oregon, contest winner 10/9/14

I’m also doing a full page oil painting of a fiendish necromancer type sorcerer raising a demon.  Here’s the sketch.

There is a lot of info on the Sigantium site and FacebookPage about the campaign setting, so check it out.  I hope you’ll contribute to the Kickstarter campaign to bring Sigantium to life! Sigantium Kickstarter Page


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