Friday, June 29, 2012

Maelstrom Wanderer (Mtg) + Update

I have a new Magic: The Gathering card out.  This is the Maelstrom Wanderer – a nasty legendary elemental that controls red, blue, and green mana.  This huge beast trudges through the barren planes on weighty crab-like limbs make of rock and bone, cracking the earth with each step.

I have prints and artist proofs for sale on the Maelstrom Wanderer page. I’ve also updated my Magic Galleries and World of Warcraft Galleries on

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Friday, June 22, 2012

BAXA Sketchbook v.01 Ebook!

Ebooks have opened up a world of opportunity for any creatives hoping to self publish.  No more minimum print runs that break the bank and a garage full of books.  Obviously, ebooks have been around for a while, and are quite widespread, but with the advent of the e-readers like Kindle and the ipad, ebooks are huger than ever!  Good for us as artists, writers, and readers.

I’ve been slowly releasing some ebooks of my short fiction (yes I’m a writer as well as an artist) and I just released a 22 page black and white sketchbook in digital form cleverly titled: Baxa Sketchbook v.01.

There are a lot of gnarly characters in this little gem.  Many of the pages have multiple sketches, from quickie drawings to concept drawings to preliminaries for finished (and never published) works.  I think you’ll enjoy it!

You can download a copy of Baxa Sketchbook v.01 at Amazon’s Kindle Store.  For those of you who don’t know, Kindle books can be viewed on all forms of smart phones and tablets and even your PC or Mac.  They have apps for them all – and I have links for you on my Ebook page.

Enjoy!  Tom

Thursday, June 7, 2012

BAXA Gnomon Instructional DVD

Gnomon Workshop is the leader in instructional dvds for fantasy artists.  They were the first and continue to produce quality products.  Most of their content is focused on digital painting and 3d tools for the film and fx industries.  But they have done some dvds of traditional art forms like sketching, concept art, sculpture, comics, etc. 

I am proud to say that I created an oil painting instructional dvd in partnership with Gnomon called Dynamic Fantasy Painting with Tom Baxa, which is available for sale as a dvd or digital download by clicking the link. 

I created this painting just for the dvd.  One of my main concerns was coming up with a dynamic composition and dramatic poses for the characters.  I also chose open poses for the characters, so I could focus on their concept design.  I discuss these and many other topics on the dvd.  It’s pretty cool to be able to watch a painter in action!

I uploaded some clips from Dynamic Fantasy Painting with Tom Baxa  to YouTube for you to check out (the video is better resolution than these samples).

Watch Sample 01 below and the others on YouTube:

Here’s the sketch and the finished painting:

You can buy a PRINT of the painting at my BaxaArt prints page.  Buy the dvd here:
Dynamic Fantasy Painting with Tom Baxa

Enjoy! -  Tom

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Ball Chair

I read this interesting article by fantasy artist Julie Bell about how she sits on one of those exercise balls while she paints.  I thought the idea was brilliant. 

I’m at my computer a lot, almost as much as my easel, and I wanted to use it there.  I’m sure you’ve experienced chair rot as much as I have – sitting all day long, engrossed in what you’re doing, but feeling pretty achy.  I’ve tried all kinds of chairs, cushions, etc.

The ball is such a great idea because a.) it’s full of air and provides a lot of cushion; b.) you’re not sitting on a hard base, so there is a lot less pressure on your tailbone; and c.) whether you’re thinking about it or not, your body is making micro adjustments to keep you stable and that’s a good workout while you’re sitting to help strengthen your core and your sitting muscles.

However, I’m a big buy and when I sat down on the ball, I sank too low to work effectively or ergonomically at my computer desk.  The ball works great working at an easel, because I could lower my painting to the appropriate height.  But not so for my desktop computer and Wacom tablet.  So I abandoned the idea.

But yesterday I found the Ball Chair!!!  Fricking genious.  I ordered one immediately and I had to tell you about it.  Check out the BALL CHAIR at Amazon.  This one is a bit more adjustable, but there are other models around.  I’ll let you know how it works for me.  Please do the same – I’d love to hear from anyone who is using one right now.

crunchspine Tom